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What does QSDT do?

The Queen's Solar Design Team aims to provide hands-on experience and education to students interested in sustainable technology development. Since 2011, the team has shifted its focus from building solar vehicles to designing and engineering a fully off-grid, autonomous house, the Queen's Solar Education Centre (QSEC), located on Queen's University West Campus. 

Today, the QSEC is fully constructed and the team now works to integrate and optimize new sustainable technologies into the house. These projects include an innovative 2-tank heat management system, a rainwater-to-domestic water system, radiant floor heating, and more, along with the development of new projects every year. 


To be Kingston’s cutting-edge hub for resource efficiency research, student and community education, and sustainable living demonstrations.

We aim to foster a culture of innovation and multi-disciplinary teamwork while contributing to developments in the fields of sustainable construction and green technologies.​

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Our team uses the Solar House (QSEC) for three functions:




The house serves as a research hub for undergraduate and graduate engineering students to test a variety of green technologies under the supervision of Dr. Harrison. It is home to a number of academic theses.

Allow students to gain 

hands-on experience with 


management, and green 

technologies. We are always implementing new technologies to function in a way that yields

net-zero energy intake.

Every year, QSDT hosts educational workshops and tours in partnership with local organizations, for the community to learn about renewable energy and sustainable living.

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We will not be hosting in-person workshops, community events, or QSEC Tours. Please contact us to inquire about hosting online events for your organization.

We thank you for your ongoing support.