Recruitment is complete for 2021-22

We are looking for


Hands-on work with various design elements of the project, as well as contributing to the further research and implementation of renewable technologies in the Solar Decathlon and the QSEC autonomous house.


Modeling experience encompassing the building envelope, structural components, and social requirements of the design challenge. Must be interested in and actively researching building architecture.


Interdisciplinary exposure to green energy and sustainability through a hands-on industry. Manages sponsorship opportunities, interacts with industry professionals, plans and implements marketing and educational components.

- Queen's Students Only - 

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  • CAD Specialist

  • Mechanical Specialist

  • Electrical Specialist

  • CAD Specialist

  • Graphics Designer

  • Physical Geographer

  • Human Geographer


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Positions Available

Who should apply?

Why should you Apply?

  • Interested in interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on environment.

  • Curious about the emerging industry of green technology.

  • Eager to contribute to the growing sustainability of our economy and the conservation of the environment.

  • Self-directed learner who enjoys researching further into their industry.

  • Highly independent team worker who can get creative and go above and beyond with a given task.

  • Dedicated team member who can dedicate 3-5 hours weekly on an extra-curricular project.

  • Open-minded innovator who enjoys hearing unconventional ideas and considering all possibilities before making their decision.

  • Skilled communicator. Every team member will be expected to communicate with various industry professionals at various points in the project.

  • Opportunity to be re-hired for a paid summer position starting May 2021 on the team.

  • Collaborative team environment with the opportunity to learn from teammates, industry professionals, and professors.

  • Free exclusive access to official US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon training.

  • Free access to team modeling and training resources.

  • Access to the Queen's Solar Education Center, an autonomous home on campus that runs on solar energy and rainwater.

  • Chance to practice your communication skills through presentations, documentation, and community sustainability events.

  • Hands-on experience working in your industry.

  • Recruiting opportunities from industry sponsors.

  • Connections with skilled team members, Queen's clubs and external partners through team events.

  • Freedom to develop your own ideas as part of the team. We highly encourage creative thinking and support you in taking on your own sub-projects.

Important Dates

Next recruiting date, September 2022

If you have any questions about the team, the application process, or our upcoming project, please don't hesitate to ask us by reaching out through Facebook, email or Instagram!



We will not be hosting in-person workshops, community events, or QSEC Tours. Please contact us to inquire about hosting online events for your organization.

We thank you for your ongoing support.