Environmentally Conscious Home Design: A Preliminary Information Package

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Queen’s Solar Design Team is pleased to present this informative report discussing the conceptual design of sustainable housing projects. Following the goals and constraints outlined by standards like LEED® and Passive House, the team has prepared this short report to discuss notable completed projects built by others, considerations for water, electricity, heating, and construction, as well as design goals and requirements.

This report covers the following areas:

• Off-grid home design inspiration from existing projects.

• Utility requirements and options.

• Construction/Design considerations.

• Next steps.

(Disclaimer: The companies listed in the links provided have been referenced as purely informational; QSDT has no ongoing sponsorship or in-kind agreements with these names).

If you are interested in reading all about the process of building an energy efficient home, or considerations you might take in improving the performance of your current home, take the time to read the document attached below.

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