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QSDT Enters the USDOE Solar Decathlon

We have exciting news! The Queen's Solar Design Team has just registered for the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon Design Competition. Time flies; it's been 6 years since the last time our team was involved with this competition with ECHO, our award winning autonomous home.

This year, QSDT will be competing in the Solar Decathlon's Design competition, where the goal is to create a net zero building design that is attractive, high performing, and succeeds at addressing a social issue related to housing development. In Kingston, where we are based, this issue takes the form of unsustainably low vacancy rates; because there is such a high student population, low vacancy and competitivity for rental units is causing an unsustainable growth in rent prices that is squeezing out many young families and lower income earners. Hence, QSDT has chosen to compete in the Attached Housing Division (AH), where we will be designing a townhouse style building that will provide high-performance family homes at an affordable price.

The Solar Decathlon Design Competition scores home designs according to 10 criteria:

1) Energy Performance

2) Engineering

3) Financial Feasibility and Affordability

4) Resilience

5) Architecture

6) Operations

7) Market Potential

8) Comfort and Environmental Quality

9) Innovation

10) Presentation

We've worked hard to put together a deep team with a multidisciplinary background to approach each of these criteria and produce an impressive design!

To read more about the Solar Decathlon Design competition, follow the link:


Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates on our project progress as we look towards completing our final design in March.

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