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Running 'Round Town: July 4 Explore Camp x QSDT Workshop

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

On Thursday, July 4, the team headed over to the Queen's Solar Education Center to run a fun 1.5 hour energy workshop with Queen's Explore Camp! The kids were aged 5-8 years old and had a blast (so did we!) putting on their detective caps for our activities.

First, they helped us find evidence of energy around the solar house. They found clues we pasted around the house pointing at plugs, our working fridge, a lightbulb, batteries, and growing bushes outside! Then, we talked about how energy transforms from one type to another so that we can power our homes. The campers raced to send a message to headquarters using water and sponges. Finally, we learned how energy is lost and how to save energy in our everyday lives.

Thanks for coming to visit, Explore campers! Check out our "Running 'Round Town" video with footage from the day below, as well as some photos of the campers in action.

[Unfortunately the video is no longer available]

Song: Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean


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