autonomous HOUSE

An autonomous home is constructed to operate entirely independently of infrastructural support. It is bill-free, with no reliance on municipal water supply, sewer, gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. In other words, it produces enough energy from its immediate environment to support its own functional needs.

There are very few truly autonomous homes in existence, and ours aims to be one of them by August 2021!

 solar decathlon 

2020-2023, U.S. Department of Energy

 The Decathlon is an international competition which consists of ten separate contests to encourage teams of students to design and build highly efficient buildings powered by renewable energies, while optimizing for key considerations including affordability, resilience, and occupant health. With QSDT's core values aligning so closely with those of the competition, it is a perfect fit and challenge for the team. We will begin with the Design Challenge of 2021, and hope to move forward to the Build Challenge in 2022. Stay tuned for updates on our entry!

SD Award.jpg


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